Sphinxgurl (sphinxgurl) wrote in sororityalumnae,

Alum Panhellenic

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a nice labour day weekend.
So, I'm thinking of seeing if there's any interest for an alumnae panhellenic in my area. i already contacted npc and got their guide.

But, are any of you involved in an Alum panhellenic? do you enjoy it? what type of activities do you do? Any other input?

i'd love to hear your stories!
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Deleted comment

yeah, i'm not aware of any alumnae chapters in the area, but there are 3 collegiate chapters (plus several others nearby) so I suspect they have alum that are still in the area.

I just know there aren't enough Phi Sigs in the area for an alum chapter, so i thought of the alumnae panhellenic
There are three alumnae panhellenics in the greater Puget Sound area (Washington).

I helped start one here and it's mostly a social group (by choice). Due to the area it's in, it kind of takes the place of alumnae chapters since only one of the GLO's (SK) has an alumnae chapter in that area. But I'm not sure how successful you would call it.

There is also an Overlake alumnae panhellenic that meets during the day time, raises money for scholarships for women who will be going through recruitment when they get to college, sponsors a sorority forum every spring and has lunches.

The Seattle APh meets at night (I think) and is much more active in the University of Washington Panhellenic. They have a large scholarship auction but I am not sure what else they do.