Abby (abbybeth) wrote in sororityalumnae,

Well, being basically done with grad school and such, I decided to turn some of the AXiD shirts I had left into something more practical - I made a blanket ..

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The front - the yellow fleece has little heat stamped stars all over it!

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The front again, more centered, but that dip in the top is from me not holding it right

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The back - this is from the hoodie that was my first letters when I was initiated - the pocket is still usable!

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Close up of the back - whats sewn on the front of the pocket is the embroidery from the sleeve of my sweatshirt: "Big Sis Kelli, Lil Sis Abby"

I handed down quite a lot of shirts, but these ones all had special memories for me and I didn't want to part with them. I think this is a good second life for them!

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