Yellow Dart Vader (yellowdartvader) wrote in sororityalumnae,
Yellow Dart Vader

Newbie :)

Name: Laura
Chapter: Sigma Psi, the only local sorority still left at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH (we are looking to go national, though, but there is a strong resistence)
Initiated: April, 2001
Graduated: May, 2002
Currently living in: Columbus, OH
Active alum?: I used to be - I was active in the alumnae corp my first year of grad school (I was a co-alum liason, and I had a room in the house to store some of my stuff), but I got too busy and completley drifted away. One of my best friends is the treasurer of the alumnae corp and I am friends with a lot of the officers, and I wish I could be more active, but I am in law school 2.5 hours away, and it is very hard for me to get back. Also, I support our going national because I think it would help us in recruitment, but many of the other alums are adimately against it, so I have kind of distanced myself because of that issue.

I am not sure if any other Sigs are on LJ; we are a very small group. :)
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